B2B Ecommerce for Business Central

Revolutionize your B2B sales with Stoam SaaS!

Adaptability and efficiency are crucial to staying competitive in the B2B market. With an ecommerce for Business Central, your company will not only keep pace, but will set new standards in the industry.

Discover the benefits of Business Central Ecommerce

Stoam SaaS offers you a comprehensive solution for B2B e-commerce, it allows for advanced management of the sales channel. Your customers can buy at any time from anywhere, and you will receive orders directly in Business Central.

Speed ​​up order entry

Receive orders automatically in Business Central, avoid having to manage duplicate order entry.

Process automation

Minimize human errors and maximize efficiency at every step, from ordering to delivery, thanks to automatic synchronization with your Business Central data.

Sales platform available 24/7

Improve business relationships with your clients by providing them with a platform accessible 24 hours a day. Reduce informational interactions and optimize your commercial resources.

Easy integration

Ensure that all areas of your business are synchronized and working towards common goals. Stoam easily integrates with Business Central, without technical complexities.

Start selling online
with Stoam SaaS

Experience the scalability and flexibility of a B2B ecommerce

We make it easy, transition to B2B e-commerce and grow your business. With Stoam Saas for Business Central, you will have the necessary tools to digitize your sales channel efficiently.

Manage your business from Business Central while the connector synchronizes the data with your store. Your customers will be able to purchase easily and you will receive orders automatically in Business Central

Customizable ecommerce

Stoam SaaS allows you to customize your store according to your company's corporate image. From the administrative backoffice, you will be able to configure the store and adjust content elements, such as banners. Additionally, once the connector is syncing data and the store is up and running, you'll have the ability to monitor all data from the same backoffice.

B2B Features

To meet the specific requirements of the wholesale sector, we have customized and improved the capabilities of the online store. Your customers will be able to immediately see the special conditions asigned to them, both in the product list and in the details of each product. You'll have the ability to set quantity rules, coordinate inventory and address information using Business Central. This approach is designed to minimize problems and optimize the efficiency of the purchasing process.

Private area for clients

In the private area for customers, they will have access to their conditions, manage user profiles, check the status of their pending orders and request invoices. Additionally, we encourage repeat purchases through our 'shopping list' feature, which allows users to quickly and easily adjust and reorder their orders with just a few clicks.

Constant innovation for your e-commerce

Stay ahead with continuous updates that ensure your business is never left behind in terms of technology and market practices.

Technical support for Business Central Ecommerce

We not only offer a product, but a promise of quality, support and continued satisfaction. We ensure that the implementation is smooth and that support is always accessible.

Experience the power of a dedicated B2B SaaS

Our platform is not limited to being a simple e-commerce solution; It is a comprehensive environment designed to promote and adapt to the growth of your company in the digital environment.

Top-notch customer support

Our team is here to help you in every step of the way.


As your business grows, Stoam grows with you.

Community and resources

Access a wide range of resources and a community of entrepreneurs like you.

Immerse yourself in the transformation of B2B Ecommerce

Don’t delay in propelling your company to new heights. Stoam SaaS for Business Central has become the preferred option for prominent entrepreneurs who want to renew, improve and conquer the digital field. By choosing our platform, you not only get an ecommerce tool; you are betting on the progress and future prosperity of your business.

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Take the leap into a brighter future with Stoam SaaS for Business Central!

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve and expand your business. With Stoam SaaS, you are choosing a future where efficiency and growth go hand in hand.