E-commerce for B2B companies

Stoam SaaS integrates with your ERP to build a powerful sales portal optimized for wholesale trade.

Self-Service Portal available 24x7

Receive orders directly in your ERP

Emulate and synchronize rates and discounts

Optimized shopping experience for B2B

Get your preconfigured B2B store and start selling

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What makes Stoam SaaS special?

B2B commerce in our DNA

At Stoam, we have been working with B2B companies for years. Thanks to the great experience gained, we have identified the key points and peculiarities of wholesale trade, which has allowed us to develop a standardized solution adapted to its peculiarities.

ERP as the operations center

The store automatically feeds off the data from your ERP. In this way, we eliminate the need to manage multiple data silos. While you continue to operate and manage the ERP as usual, Stoam takes care of selling and passing orders automatically.

Quick implementation without technical complexity

Thanks to the preconfigured store and the automatic connector, the startup is quick, simple, and accessible, without requiring extensive technical knowledge.


Pay per use model

Thanks to our pay-per-use model, scaling the solution is a matter of adjusting the volume of processes in line with business growth, without extra installations or additional developments.

License and connector

It includes the software usage license as well as the access and installation of the Stoam connector, which is responsible for making the connection between the store and the ERP.

Hosting: Items

Items are all those concepts that require processes in the store. According to the plan, the first 1,500 monthly items are free.

Maintenance and Support

Support and maintenance of Stoam SaaS are included. You will have multiple channels and tools at your disposal to ensure the stability of your new sales channel.

Optimize B2B sales and management operations

Stoam SaaS has all the usual features you would find in an ecommerce, redesigned and adapted to B2B markets. We have also developed new features to ensure that the sales portal meets the requirements and peculiarities of wholesale trade.

Emulate the pricing strategy

Allow your customers to buy online with their assigned conditions. Automatically synchronize prices, rates, and volume discounts.

Synchronize stocks and define quantity rules

“The stock synchronization with the ERP, along with the definition of quantity rules, prevent incidents in orders and optimize the purchase process.

Discover all the features of Stoam SaaS

Who is it addressed to?

Stoam SaaS es ideal para todo tipo de empresas con actividad principal B2B que fabriquen y/o comercialicen productos.




Commercial Networks

Implementation help and support tools

Our goal is to make the implementation and integration of Stoam SaaS as agile and simple as possible. With our tools, you will have detailed information, step-by-step guides, and direct communication with our technical team.

Interactive Getting Started Guide

We have designed an interactive guide that will guide you, step by step, through the process of integrating and initially setting up the store. You will be able to record your progress and directly access the corresponding section in the help documentation.

Help documentation

You will have extensive and detailed help documentation available at all times. The guide will adapt to the chosen ERP for integration, resolving the specifics of each integration.

Technical support

Our team of experts at your disposal. You will be able to determine the admin users who will have a direct contact channel with our technical team.

Ticket system

Manage and resolve any incident with our ticket system. You will be able to share files, register interactions with support, and retrieve them at any time.

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Frequently asked questions

It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) e-commerce platform integrated with ERP, aimed at B2B businesses such as manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and/or commercial networks looking to optimize workflows and simplify business management with an exclusive online store for customers.

Stoam SaaS is currently compatible with Sage 200, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and Holded. Please contact us for information on integration with other ERPs.

Through the Stoam connector, ERP data is synchronized and adjusted to integrate into the store. Once the connector is active, data synchronization is defined and updated periodically. There is an option if the customer has modifications in the ERP, to adapt this connector.

B2C is aimed at the end buyer and the product has a defined price. In B2B sales, the customer privately accesses the B2B store with their email, consults the products and there they can see their personalized conditions. Depending on the quantity and other parameters, the prices will be personalized to their offer. It is the equivalent of directly placing the order in the ERP but in this case the customer does it.

In cases where no custom development is required, Stoam will be ready to start working in 24h.

To contract the solution, you must contact us through the contact form.

Apart from having a specialized partner if required to help in the implementation process, you have a tool that will help you identify the entire implementation process, guiding you step by step and giving you access to detailed help at each stage.

Stoam Saas adapts to all types of companies. We have several plans depending on data volumes. See pricing. For projects of significant volume, there is the enterprise option to better adapt it to specific needs. Get information on our enterprise plan.

No, our solution emulates the prices and discounts of the ERPs we support. Therefore, by configuring the price and discount system of your ERP, your customers will be able to buy with the prices and discounts assigned.

Yes, we have a report that you can see the prices of the products applied to a customer and export it to Excel to validate it correctly with your ERP.

Our system is prepared for any ERP as it integrates the information through a universal interface and validates the data before incorporating them. Contact us and we will study the option of developing a custom connector and the emulation of rates and discounts for your ERP.

Yes, thanks to the scalable pay-per-use model, we monitor data volume so you can adapt the plan according to the needs of the business at any time. See pricing.

Our solution is hosted in the Amazon AWS cloud. Complying with the most rigorous security standards, our company is a certified AWS partner, we have implemented processes and systems to protect information and the performance of our services. We are in the process of ISO 27001 certification.

Stock management will automatically synchronize with the ERP.

Currently, this function is only available when contracting eshopBrainiac independently. More information.

Authorized users will have a direct support channel available through email, as well as a ticket system to resolve any incident.

Yes, Stoam Saas allows the customization of the store through customization tools. Adjust colors, logos, banners and more to adapt the store to your company’s corporate image.

Any modification made in the ERP will be reflected in Stoam. We recommend keeping the ERP as the information center to make changes.

Yes, but you must have a Stoam SaaS store for each of the companies to synchronize it.

Stoam SaaS is constantly developing, we value obtaining feedback and specific customer cases to constantly improve and add functionalities. Unless otherwise indicated, all updates and new features are included in the Service.