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Our solution is based on a SaaS model (Software as a Service), hosted on AWS, you will be able to access all the software without local installations. The price is composed of a fixed monthly cost and a variable cost calculated through the so-called ‘Items’. We have a price simulator available for you to approximate the variable costs based on the requirements of your business.


License and connector

It implies a fixed monthly cost. It includes the software usage license as well as the access and installation of the Stoam connector, which is responsible for making the connection between the store and the ERP.

Hosting: Items

It implies a variable monthly cost. "Items" are all those concepts that require processes in the store: number of Customers, Products, Users, Delivery Notes, Invoices and Order Lines and more.

Maintenance and Support

Included at no additional cost in your subscription, you will have at your disposal multiple support channels and help tools to ensure the stability of your new sales channel.

Our plans for your business

Easily transform your ERP management software into a powerful ecommerce optimized for B2B companies. Facilitates the commercial relationship with your customers and optimizes order management.

Our plans are designed to facilitate the scalability of the B2B store. Request access to the price simulator and calculate the estimated cost according to the volume of your business.

Included in all plans:


For expanding companies

Desde 150€/ mes*


Stoam SaaS Features

* Taxes not included


For consolidated companies



Stoam SaaS Features

To which businesses applys?

Aimed at established companies with a large volume of business. We adapt the Item rates and operational particularities.

Contact us and we will prepare an offer that suits your needs.

Are you a Start-up?

At Stoam SaaS, we bet on start-up models. Therefore, we have different offers to boost growth in the early stages. If your business is starting its activity, contact us and benefit from the maximum potential Stoam has to offer.

Stoam SaaS Price Simulator

With Stoam SaaS you will have control of your expenses since you only pay for what you use. Access our price simulator and calculate the costs and benefits of your company.

You will need to enter the approximate volume or quantity for each Item, you will see how the calculator will add up the processes to the license and you will get the approximate total monthly cost.

Request access!

If you have any questions during the setup, do not hesitate to contact us.

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