B2B Ecommerce for Holded

Stoam SaaS, the future of e-commerce

The world of e-commerce is constantly evolving, and you, as a digital entrepreneur, know that being at the forefront is crucial.

With Stoam SaaS for Holded, we offer you a revolutionary platform designed to transform your B2B business into an e-commerce powerhouse.

It’s not just about selling; It is about innovating, optimizing and leading the market.

Why Stoam Saas for Holded Ecommerce?

Stoam SaaS for Holded is not just a platform; is your strategic partner in the digital world. Carefully designed to meet the needs of digital entrepreneurs like you, this all-in-one solution allows you to manage your business with ease, efficiency and scalability.

Simplify Management

By building the B2B store on Holded data, you will be able to operate normally, while Stoam takes care of orders.

Improves Business Relations

Shopping experience optimized for B2B commerce. Reduce incidents and improve business relationships with your clients.

Quick implementation

Thanks to the pre-configured but customizable store, start-up is quick and without technical complexities.

Transform your business with our ecommerce platform

The transition to B2B e-commerce doesn’t have to be complicated. With Stoam Saas for Holded, we provide you with the necessary tools to make the digitalization of your sales channel easy and effective.

Manage your business normally from Holded. The connector is responsible for synchronizing data with the store. Your customers will be able to make purchases easily and you will receive orders automatically in Holded.

Customizable ecommerce

Stoam SaaS allows you to customize the store to adapt the corporate image, as well as personalize content through banners and other elements. These customization options, along with the initial configuration of the store, are done from the administrative backoffice. Once the connector is synchronizing data and the store is up and running, you will be able to monitor all synchronized data from the same backoffice.

B2B Features

We have adapted and developed the store's functionalities to reflect the particular needs of wholesale trade. The store will show your customers their purchasing conditions directly applied to the grid and product sheets. You will be able to define purchasing rules and synchronize stocks and addresses with Holded. Reduces incidents and speeds up the purchasing process.

Private area for clients

Your clients will have a private area where they can consult their conditions, manage users, view pending orders, and request invoices. We also encourage repeat orders through the past purchases section, where users can modify and repeat orders in a few clicks.

Accessibility and security

We allow access to both single users and multi-account users, this way a single user can manage purchases from multiple companies. To guarantee data security and privacy, Stoam complies with the highest security standards associated with the service hosted on AWS.

Experience the power of a dedicated B2B SaaS

Our platform not only offers you an ecommerce solution; provides you with a complete ecosystem for your business to thrive in the digital realm.

Top-notch customer support

Our team is here to help you in every step of the way.


As your business grows, Stoam grows with you.

Community and resources

Access a wide range of resources and a community of entrepreneurs like you.

Join the B2B Ecommerce revolution

Don’t wait any longer to take your business to the next level. Holded ecommerce is the choice of successful entrepreneurs seeking to innovate, optimize and dominate the digital market. With our platform, you are not only acquiring an ecommerce solution; you are investing in the future of your business.

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Act now! Transform your business with Stoam Saas for Holded Ecommerce

You are just one click away from revolutionizing your company and making a difference in the world of e-commerce. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to boost your business with Holded ecommerce.


Frequently asked questions

We work to make the integration process as simple as possible. Through the Stoam connector, Holded data is synchronized and adjusted to integrate it into the store. Once the connector is active, data synchronization is defined and updated periodically. There is the option to adapt the connector if the client has modifications or customizations.

Yes, Stoam Saas allows the customization of the store through customization tools. Adjust colors, logos, banners and more to adapt the store to your company’s corporate image.

Apart from having a specialized partner if required to help in the implementation process, you have a tool that will help you identify the entire implementation process, guiding you step by step and giving you access to detailed help at each stage. Authorized users will have a direct support channel available through email, as well as a ticket system to resolve any incident.

Our solution is hosted in the Amazon AWS cloud. Complying with the most rigorous security standards, our company is a certified AWS partner, we have implemented processes and systems to protect information and the performance of our services.