Ecommerce for Sage 200

Transform your B2B business with Stoam Saas for Sage ecommerce

At Stoam Saas, we understand that digital transformation can seem overwhelming, especially in the retail sector, which needs to maximize efficiency while managing multiple sales channels. Let us show you how our solution can make e-commerce a seamless and profitable process for your business.

Ecommerce platform to achieve your goals

Stoam Saas is not just an e-commerce platform, it is the B2B SaaS solution that allows you to efficiently connect with your customers and automate your sales processes. Imagine a system where you can easily manage inventory, process orders and analyze sales data, all in one place. With Stoam Saas, this is possible.

Benefits of Stoam SaaS for Sage 200

Product management

Our tool allows you to control all your products from a simple interface. Group products with sizes and colors on the same product sheet.

Order automation

Reduce order processing time and minimize human errors with our advanced automation.

Implementation and Start Pack

The implementation of Stoam SaaS is fast and without technical complexities thanks to the Start Pack. You can contact your Sage partner or request more information by contacting us.

Start selling online
with Stoam SaaS

Take your Sage 200 to the next level

We simplify the path to B2B e-commerce. With Stoam Saas for Sage 200, you will have the essential resources to transform your sales channel into an effective digital system.

Operate your business through Sage 200 while the connector automatically updates information with your online store. This allows your customers to make hassle-free purchases and orders to be recorded instantly in Sage.

Customizable ecommerce

Stoam SaaS offers the flexibility to customize your online store to align with your company's visual identity. Through the backoffice control panel, you will be able to make settings and configure key content elements, such as banners. Additionally, with the connector up and running and the store operational, you will be able to monitor all relevant information directly from this dashboard.

B2B Features

To adapt to the unique needs of the wholesale market, we have adapted and expanded the functionalities of our online store. Customers will have immediate access to the preferential conditions of their orders, visible both in the general catalog and in the specific file of each product. It will be possible to define quantity rules on order volumes and manage stock and address data through Sage 200, a strategy designed to reduce inconveniences and maximize the effectiveness of the purchasing process.

Private area for clients

In the private area for customers, they will have the possibility to consult their commercial terms, manage user profiles, check the status of their orders in progress and request invoices. Additionally, we encourage repeat orders through our 'shopping list' tool, which enables users to modify and reorder their purchases quickly and conveniently with just a few clicks.

Constant innovation for your e-commerce

Keep your company always ahead, taking advantage of the continuous updates we offer. These updates are designed to ensure that your business remains competitive, incorporating the latest innovations in technology and adapting to new market practices. With this proactive approach, we ensure that your platform not only responds to current trends, but is also prepared for future changes, allowing you to lead in your sector and offer your customers a superior and cutting-edge shopping experience.

Improve the shopping experience

Give your customers a seamless shopping experience, which is not only key to attracting new customers, but also plays a key role in retaining existing ones. By removing obstacles and simplifying the purchasing process, you ensure that every interaction with your store is pleasant and frustration-free.

Experience the power of a dedicated B2B SaaS

Our solution is not limited to providing you with an e-commerce platform; It gives you a comprehensive environment designed for the success of your company in the digital world.

Top-notch customer support

Our team is here to help you in every step of the way.


As your business grows, Stoam grows with you.

Community and resources

Access a wide range of resources and a community of entrepreneurs like you.

Stoam Saas for Sage 200 is your best option

Choosing Stoam Saas means opting for a platform that understands the specific needs of B2B e-commerce. We know that every second counts and that efficiency can be the determining factor between success and failure.

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Transform your commercial approach with Stoam Saas for Sage 200 ecommerce

Don’t wait any longer to make your business more efficient, competitive and profitable. Contact our team to get started with Stoam Saas and see how we can help you achieve and exceed your business goals.


Frequently asked questions

Stoam SaaS has been developed to adapt to the particularities of wholesale trade. Not only focusing on the sales needs but also on the buyers’ needs. By synchronizing the particular conditions, your clients will not need to contact your sales team, and they will have an easy way to place orders. In summary, we seek to ensure that your clients have the maximum possible autonomy, which allows us to reduce the commercial resources allocated to this sales channel.

In addition to having the option to collaborate with a specialized partner if you need assistance during the implementation, we offer you an interactive guide that will facilitate the recognition of each phase of the process, guiding you through each step and providing you with detailed information for each segment. Users with permissions will be able to access a direct support service by email and a ticket system for quick resolution of incidents.

Stoam Saas makes it easy to adapt your virtual store through advanced customization tools. Modify colors, logos, banners and other elements so that your store design reflects the visual identity of your brand.