CTT Express Breaks the Mold: Revenues Up 51.9% and Reaches New Highs in Spain



A whirlwind of success hits the Spanish logistics landscape with the announcement of a new unprecedented growth on the part of CTT Express. During fiscal year 2023, the company experienced an impressive 51.9% increase in revenues, boosting them to a record figure of more than 186 million euros.

This outstanding achievement is not just a numbers story, but a testament to CTT Express’ commitment to service excellence and continuous innovation throughout its operations.

The company’s CEO, Manuel Molins, did not hide his satisfaction when commenting on these results. “Our focus on quality and innovation has been key to this unprecedented achievement.” Molins stated.

One of the keys behind this success has been the strategic expansion of the convenience store network, which now covers more than 13,000 locations throughout Spain and more than 17,000 on the Iberian Peninsula.. In addition, CTT Express has strengthened its infrastructure with 69 strategically distributed distribution centers, 25 of which are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

The impact of this growth is not limited to the company itself, but also contributes significantly to the results of the CTT Group as a whole, registering a 9% increase in total turnover by 2023.

The meteoric rise of CTT Express in the Spanish market is a clear indication of the growth potential in the logistics and e-commerce sector.. With a firm commitment to quality and innovation, the company has positioned itself as an undisputed market leader, paving the way for a future full of even greater success.

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